Monday, 2 November 2015

The Racism Industry

Now that Christmas will soon be upon us, secular and atheist journalists and authors are in a flurry to sell their annual book to the unsuspecting public at large as Christmas presents

As is often the case, Racism is a big seller of books. Eusebius Mckaiser, Ferial Hafajee and various other trendy journalists and authors ( I assume) have written books about racism. Racism is too intellectuals what banting is too the middle class - a trendy cult.

It is rather striking that race and racism is being sold by the page when we are often told that black people cannot be racist. Who is the audience for these books then? Only white people? The same white people that are present at literary festivals and that are moaned at because no black people want to attend said festivals? It's a bit odd that books will be sold as patronizing essays to the very people that buy them, a bit like a supermarket selling expired food, on purpose, to it's customers.

Seems rather trite that racism is a big seller. While overt racism appears to be diminishing, we must now be aware of 'subvert' racism  - those little cognitive biases that make middle-class women clutch their handbags a bit tighter when a black man walks past them in a mall. It bears reminding that subconscious biases are difficult to place, are they biological? Environmental? Perhaps both? I don't know, I'm not a neuroscientist. However, I don't think 'subvert' racism is much of an issue in the grand scale of things, people will always feel better acquainted with others who are similar to them.

However, it appears that the authors of books with titles like "Run Racist Run!", (I know, its an awful title) think differently. For only R250 or more, they will show you why your cognitive biases are a massive issue in a country with massive inequalities and corruption. By 'you', I obviously mean if you're white . If you're black, your biases are not racist of course. Don't expect equality of biases here. White people have different cognitive processes, it's science (not really). I haven't read the book and probably won't ever read it, its probably a rehashing of critical race theory from the 70's that stated everything is racist, provided that no evidence is included in the statement.

As a good anarcho-capitalist, I'll let the market decide whether such books succeed. I certainly hope it flops and Eusebius is actually forced to create actual value for others as opposed to preaching to the choir and berating the buyers of his books.